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1989 944 Turbo Vibration/noise


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 944 Turbo; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 52900;

I'm original owner of this car. Never given me a lick of trouble. Driven very little the past ten years (only about 750-1000 miles per year). Went in to have first maintainence in several years. Fluids changed, repair faulty A/C and window switch... nothing big. Other than A/C, car ran awesome prior to service.On recommendation of service center, changed Cam belt, Balance Belt and rollers, although none had even 3,000 miles on them. But I was convinced this was inexpensive insurance against a catastropic cam belt failure due to age.Picked up the car an immediatley noticed several issues: First, clutch didn't feel right when I eased it out of the parking lot and on accleration, the car felt way down on power. Second, a new and very loud humming sound coming from the engine. Third, severe vibation feeding all the way back through the drive train into the gear shift lever. The higher the RPM, the worse the sound and vibration got.Circled the block and came straight back to the service center and left the car with them.I am told now that "The Balance shaft was maybe one tooth "off". No other problems and the car is fine". Would this explain my symptoms, and if so, should I be concerned about any other damage or problem this could have caused to my engine/drive train?Second, I can see where this would have caused some vibration, but would it also explain the loss of power? It almost felt as if the power train was being constrained. Lot's of noise, no problem getting the RPM's up, but very little HP getting through to the rear end.I'm supposed to pick the car up later today. Just looking for some follow up advice.

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