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1989 964 C4 Intermittent Brake Failure


Vehicle Information: Model: 964 C4; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 82000;

Before my first DE event last October, I took car (1989 964 C4) for tech inspection and replace brake fluid. Shop reported finding white "paraffin-like" sludge in system (sounds similar to 993 issues you've reported on). Shop indicated that the fluid appeared to be original (this was first time I'd changed fluid in 3 years of ownership). Shop flushed system and replaced with new brake fluid. At my first DE, sitting in grid, brake pedal went straight to floor. Turned car off and on and no problem. Drove fine for rest of that DE, a second DE and as daily driver. At my third DE (January), last run of weekend, brake pedal went straight to floor, this time while I was at speed (fortunately on track and not on street). With pumping, was able to regain brakes. Took car to another shop (well known, race-oriented shop) who also found white goo in brake system. Flushed the system several times, but wasn't sure why I would be losing brakes suddenly (not preceded by any fade). At my fourth DE I again lost brakes while at speed in afternoon of second day, again with no warning, just a sudden pedal to the floor. Pumping brought brakes back (seemed like more pumping required than previous time). Now contemplating what to do (clearly have lost my confidence in my car's brakes).I'm not sure if it is related, but a point of interest is that while driving on the track, almost every time I hit my brakes, I activate the ABS system. My instructors have been surprised, as they have said I don't yet drive that aggressively. I'm wondering if the ABS system has been fouled by the goo?I saw some previous posts discussing a DOT3 flush as a potential solvent to cleanse the system. Has there been any follow-up on that solution? Any idea how long the DOT3 fluid should be in the car to serve its purpose? Is it possible that the two brake fluid flushes have resulted in a lodging of the white goo in critical systems that are now too far contaminated? Finally, what would regain YOUR confidence in the brake system, given it is an intermittent failure (and therefore I don't know when it is really fixed). THANKS.

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