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1989 964 C4 rear oil cooler oil passage plug UPDATED


Vehicle Information: Model: 964 C4; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 76000;

I have developed an oil leak at the forward oil passage which is plugged where the engine oil cooler, which was not used on the C4, was original attached to the engine. The after plug is aluminum and is not leaking. The forward plug looks like it is rubber and has started to weep oil. I just recently purchased the car so I don't know the history of why the plugs are different. I assume some previous owner had to replace the original plug. I have contacted the dealer about obtaining a new plug and they have told me there is no part listed for this car. It is my understanding that when the oil cooler was first discontinued a plate using the oil cooler mounting and o-rings was used, later the dealer told me the update was to use plugs. My question is where can I find a correct plug to replace the leaking one, and can the plug be installed with the engine in place? Thanks for your effort.Region: Sacramento Valley Total Mileage: 76000Car Use: Street use only

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