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1989 964 C4 supercharger update, brakes, fan + defrost fan

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 122900;

Joel, first let me report to you that the supercharger modification to my C4 has performed as well as I had hoped. 3k+ miles and only very minor adjustment problems, since resolved. With the Leda suspension (200lb springs front and 300 lbs. rear) it handles the increase in acceleration etc. easily. No overheating issues even with the AC on full blast during 100+ mile drives in 90 degree summer conditions. You had recommended a brake upgrade, however I have experienced no problems with my stock system. Remember, street driving along with country road boogieing does not approach the speeds and braking needs of the track. The car stops NOW with my Pilot 3's on 17" wheels.My question to you concerns the failure of my fan control to blow (1-4) for more than a few seconds, and the refusal of my defroster fan to blow at all. The controller unit is good. The plug-in computer doesn't tell me anything. The heater works on the thermostat. The AC works. Just no blower. Until the supercharger installation it all worked fine, coincidence? It has worked through the summer (fan 1-4) but has acted up recently as described. To use the vernacular. what's up with that? Thanks.

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