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1989 964 Driver Side Door Lock Malfunction

Body and Interior

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 147,337;

My car is primarily driven in the summer. I keep it dry, clean, and garaged. When I came back from a sunny Labor Day drive I parked the car in the garage and tried to lock the car as I normally do using a key on the drivers side door. The Drivers side door would not lock. I did observe a slight downward movement of the LED door lock pin. The Passenger side door did lock as normal. I tried to unlock the door using the same key in the drivers door. The passenger door unlocked just fine and the driver side door LED pin had a slight movement in the up position. I also tried this from the passenger side door with the same results. The door locks have always sounded very forceful with absolutely no intermittent or slow unlocking operation. I have reviewed similar and related problems in this forum where I read about and checked fuse #12 and I found a good 15-amp fuse installed. I also got inside the car and tried to manually lock and unlock each door using the small turn knob. Both door locks operated but the drivers side door was about 1/3 to 1/2 harder to turn in pressure than the passenger side door lock knob. I then turned on the ignition and activated the locks using the central locking switch on the center console. Again the passenger side door lock operates just fine and the drivers side door had just a noticeable amount of movement. I then simultaneously gently, lightly, with very little effort, assisted the driver side door lock using the small round knob as I activated the central locking system and the lock would open and close with very little turning assist or effort on my part. To secure the car I manually locked the drivers side door lock climbed out the passenger side door and locked the passenger side door with the key.Is my next step to remove the inner door covering and change out the door lock motor on the drivers side? Is there any other trouble shooting that I have left out? Do you have any pointers on removing my inner door panels? I have removed them on other cars and sometimes it is very challenging to get them all back together nice and tight the way they are from the factory. I also do not want to damage or tear anything when I take it apart. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Again thank you in advance.State: AlaskaCar Prep: StockTotal Mileage: 147,337Car Use: Street use only

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