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1989 Carrera Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera Coupe 911; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 600056;

I have a 1989 911 Carrera coupe (non-turbo) and my question regards tiresizes. According to my owners manual which covers both turbo andnon-turbo cars, I should have 225/50 tires on the back on 8" wheels and205/55 on the front on 6" wheels. Actually, I have 245/45 on the rear andI believe they are 9" wheels and I believe I also have 7" wheels (205/55)on the front (by comparing the look of mine to another Carrera). Thesetire and wheel specs are for the turbo model. I do not have the turboflares. How do these tires and wheels fit my car, which they do nicelyand have no rubbing or any other problems? I would have thought turboflares would be necessary. In plotting RPM vs. MPH and comparing to thechart for my non-turbo car, it is exactly right on, except for the factthat my indicated MPH reads at least 10% fast. I presume this is becausemy tire size is wrong (or my speedo needs adjustment). I know "turbolook" was an option for 1989 cars, but I appear to have the tires/wheelsand not the flares. The options shown on my placard are CO2, 018, 158,243, 454, 490, 650. I have identified some of those but not all. Do anyof those options relate to my tire/wheel size?Also, the turbo calls for different tire pressures on the rears anddifferent camber adjustments. Which do you think I should use. Thespecified 44 psi for the turbo tires seems awfully high. How can I tellmy wheel widths? All this is an issue for me as I am about to need newtires. I would be happy to keep these big rear tires and wide wheels, butwould like to get an accurate speedo reading. Is the speedo calibrationadjustable?

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