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1989 instrument pod analog and digital gauge failure

  • 1989
  • 928 S4
85 000
Salt Lake City, 

Looking for guidance in resolving my loss of gauge info after running out of gas. My working gas gauge falsely indicated 1/4 at the time my engine quit in the middle of traffic. I fortunately was able to drift to the side of the road and made several attempts to start it to no avail.
After Roadside Service came to the rescue with a gallon of gas, I was able to immediately start the car and drive home. After starting the car, I notice all of my digital info and analog gauges were inoperative. The only gauge working was the voltmeter! What's the source of power to the aforementioned gauges? What does the instrument panel function have to do with running out of gas? I have checked fuses # 10 & # 44 for good continuity, disconnected the battery for 10 minutes to reboot and on recommendation slapped the pod several times to hopefully break up any connection corrossion. Checking the fuel tank sensor wires revealed no power when grounding the positive wire. All pod background lights are still working normaly.

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