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1990 944S2 Intermittent No Start

  • 1990
  • 944 S2 Cabriolet
134 000
Fuel System

I have a 1990 944S2 with a no start issue.  The car will turn over but when this occurs I do not get any bouncing of the tach, no injector pulse and no ignition firing.  At times this car will start and run without issue, so it can run.


Here is what I have tested, I have a noid light, and the injectors are dead to power.  A spark tester and no spark.  I have checked the resistance of the reference senor and it reads correct both at the sensor and through the harness at the DME.  I have also replaced the reference sensor, no difference.  I’ve tried various DME relays and even have bypassed it with jumpers, but no difference.  I get voltage at the coil, and all the points at the DME harness connector that should be getting power do.  The hall sending unit is shot and is currently disconnected.  I’ve had all my injectors cleaned and tested.  I have checked resistance in the harness from the DME connector for all sensors and fuel injectors and I have not seen any issues in the harness.  I am grounding everywhere I should, and I’m getting power to everywhere I should.  I opened the DME to check for any physical damage and it’s in great shape, all solder joints are in good shape and no corrosion on the circuit boards anywhere.


Any suggestions?

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