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1990 964 C2 cylinder head sealing


Vehicle Information: Model: C2 964; Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 90,000;

I am looking at a 1990 964 C2 with 90,000 miles. The engine appears original (never out of the car)and relatively "dry" (no visible oil leaks at cylinder/head/case spigot joints; there does appear to be an oil leak at the power steering drive). Overall, the car/engine looks good (and I will have a mechanic do a prepurchase inspection); however, even so, I worry after reading so much about the early 964's......What are the specific repairs required to solve the "cylinder/head sealing and leakage" problem associated with early 964's? Are new cylinders/pistons required? Is machining of the cases, cylinders or heads required?.....What additional work should I do if I decide to pull the engine (I assume valve guides for sure)?.....What other items would be suspect on a 90,000 mile C2 964 and require repair/replacement if the engine was out?Thanx for you assistance...

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