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1990 964 C2 Engine rebuild vs. 993 engine swap


Vehicle Information: Model: C2 ; Year: 1990; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 76,000;

Dear JoelI am facing an issue discussed previously: need to rebuild the engine. My car is not consuming excessive amount of oil (about 1 quart /1000 miles), oil pressure is at max when driving and between 2-3 when warmed up and idling. However I have a leak which is getting more serious. The shop I took to is known for being very meticulous BUT at the same time they do not spend customer money unnecessarily. They are telling me that the cost might be about $10K. I have a friend who is selling a 97 993 engine with 35 K. That engine had some track use for a couple of years (I think about 10 events / year). I believe that the valve guides have the same issues for both 964 and 993.My question is - a) compatibilty issues (trans/oil lines etc) between the two engines? b) would rebuild yield better results than swapping in the 993 engine (i think it would given the "0 miles")?Sorry for the lengthly e-mail. Your response is greatly apprecaited.

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