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1990 964 C4 Airbag Light on


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Model 964 C4 Cabrio; Year: 1990; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 129,000;

Last year in 2005 the airbag light came on which also causes the seat belt light to lluminate or maybe it's vice versa? The car is very seldom driven now due to the high mileage and, when driven, only for short trips so it doesn't suffer from sitting for long periods of time.I know there are some contacts in the front of the car which can be cleaned and maybe some others, also, to check which can cause the light to come on. I've also read the airbag light will automatically come on at the fifteen year interval requiring a replacement of the airbags; this was the first car ever sold with a passenger side airbag.Can you give a procedure to check this out and also if the airbags know when fifteen years is up?Thanks in advance,Charles

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