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1990 964 C4 Brake bleeding


Vehicle Information: Model: 964 C4; Year: 1990; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 106000;

I've read in prior postings that a pressure bleeder can be used to bleed the brakes on a 964 C4. I tried using a Motiv bleeder ( used many times on other cars ) the other day. I poured a small quantity of fluid in the bottle, then secured the pump cover and attached the hose to the reservoir. I then pressurized it to about 10psi. I had not opened any bleeder valves yet. Then, the pressure started to leak out. The bottle was emptied of fluid. I double checked the cap was tight on the reservoir. Where did the fluid go? I wound up turning the key on like your post suggests and was able to drain a little bit. Later I replaced the pads which were at least 50% worn. I fully expected the reservoir to overflow from pushing the pistons all the way in, but the reservoir looked fine. Once again, where did the fluid go? I bedded in the pads after and once they had seated, the brakes felt fine. Thoughts?thanksPaul

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