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1990 964 Misfire


Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 145000;

Help! The other night the car began misfiring occasionally and then almost left us stranded on the side of the road. While cruising on the hwy the car lost power and would not respond to the throttle, but did not stall until we got on the shoulder. The car was difficult to get started; it would turn over but not fire for several tries. After it finally started it would idle and rev but when we tried to take off the car did not have any power and would stall. This occurred on several occasions while trying to get the car moving. Finally, we were able to get the car moving and the car ran the rest of the way home, about 30 minutes, with only an occasional, mild misfire. This morning I took the car for a brief drive and the car misfired a few times, but nothing like the other night. It idled fine this morning and the other night. The misfire was while the engine was loaded and did not seem to be affected by rpm. When there was no misfire the car seemed to have full power. The distributor belt is not broken.Recently the spark plugs have been changed along with the distributor caps and rotors and a new fuel filter has been installed and all the ignition wires seem to be making good connection and are in good condition. The secondary distributor belt looks new and there is no rubber dust around it. The car has the distributor vent kit installed.I know your answer will be to use the Bosch Hammer for this and that is my problem. So far I have not been able to find a local shop that has one. The nearest dealer is 2 hours away and according to their service manager they dont have much experience working on the air-cooled cars so I am reluctant to take it to them. The next closest dealer is about 3 hours away in Houston or New Orleans. Do you have any suggestions as for what to look for or is there anything that can be tested without the Bosch tester? In one of your older answers regarding a 993 misfire question you mentioned the OBD2 Scan and the OTTOSCAN to read some codes on the 993. Will either of these read the fault codes on a 964 or are they too advanced/wrong format for this car? I would guess that the OBD2 software would be different then the 964. Is there any other software available for a laptop or Palm system that will read the 964 codes?Your help is greatly appreciated.Body Type: CoupeCar Prep: ModifiedModifications: Cup bypass pipe, cut out air box, sport springs, euro rs alignmentTotal Mileage: 145000Car Use: Combination Street and Track

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