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1990 964 New Clutch/LUK flywheel, but shifting has problem

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 91000km;

I've just put in a set of NEW, SACHS clutch and LUK Dual mass flywheel in my car along with NEW master and slave cylinder. And I make sure I bled the Clutch properly(3 times). When I test drive the car up on the hoist without LOADING(engaging 1st gear, running upto about 2500rpm and shift up, for all 5 gears. It's seems fine)But once I put the car on the ground and drive. The gear shifter is totally stuck(neutral), I couldn't engage in any gear at all. Felt like the clutch wasn't releasing out (kind of like,when you trying to shift gear without stepping the clutch pedal when the car is moving, if you know what I mean).Then I put the car back up on the hoist, have a friend check the shifting coupler and re-tighten again.(start the engine, shifting and driving a bit and felt better ON THE HOIST)Finally, put the car back on the ground and the problem came back again.I've check the 6 bolts on the transmission carriage as well. I've read through all the Tech Q&A and could not find and other person has similar issue.????? Don't know what to do, Please advise?????

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