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1990 C2 Targa top adjustment


Vehicle Information: Model: 964 C2 Targa; Year: 1990; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6 ; Total Mileage: 59500;

I had the targa top oompletely recovered/rebuilt a couple years back. Had it done by some guy who is a PCA member in Conn I think. He advertised in Pano.The question is who can help me with targa top questions. I see no such registry group.The problem is that the top edge of the top sticks up about the body in many areas across there. There is one of two places it is flush. Where it sticks up it catches lots of air on the highway and is very noisy. I know targas are noisy but this is excessive and not normal.Is this an adjustment thing or what. When I asked the "expert" who recoved it for me, all he said is that the top would have to be "seasoned" in the sun for a a few days to softened the material and let it relax and then it would be fine.Wrong!I just wonder if the top should fit further to the back targa bar. I have tried to push it back further but no success.We use a piece of tape across the top to bridge the gap between the top and the body and that really helps, but not when it rains. When it gets wet on the road the tape lets go and it really whistles like crazy.The top doesn't really leak much, maybe just a drop or two at the corners over the small "wing" window.Sure hope you can help.Mike

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