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1990 C2 Wheels and Tires for autocross & DE's

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): h6, 3.6, cut out airbox & bypass pipe; Total Mileage: 138000;

Recently, we have been running our 90 C2 in autocrosses and PCA DEs. I would like to get some track wheels and tires since my wife and I plan on participating in quite a few of these events. The car currently has 7X17, 55mm offset front wheels with 205/50/17s and 9X17, 55mm offset rear wheels with 255/40/17s. For track and autocross use I would like to run 16 wheels with narrower rear tires to help reduce understeer. My question is, what wheel width and offset will work for the 16 wheels? The car has been lowered and aligned to European RS specs. In a past article 225/50-16 fronts with 245/45-16 rears were recommended to better balance the car. Will these sizes work with the lowered suspension set up that is on the car?One more question, this one regarding Porsche approved tires. Does Porsche still certify tires for the 1990 911 C2? If so, where can that information be found?Thanks for the advice.

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