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1991 964 C4 Driving in Heavy Traffic


Vehicle Information: Model: C4; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 78,000;

My 1991 C4 is my daily driver and I have recently moved to Sarasota Florida from Annapolis Maryland. I now have found myself in a few stop and go traffic situations, and oil temp's at the #3 mark (the one above normal). I have read past Q&A's and will be removing the engine encapsulation and undertray first thing tomarrow. Two questions: 1) If/when the oil temp is getting around #3, while in stop and go traffic; should the spoiler be raised for more air? Let it idle or hold RPM's at?2) Forgetting temperature for the moment, should the RPM's generally be held at xxxx RPM versus idle speed while stuck in traffic to avoid low RPM engine damage?Cheers!Region: SuncoastTotal Mileage: 78,000Car Use: Street use only

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