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1991 964 C4 Steering Wheel Replacement


Vehicle Information: Model: C4; Year: 1991; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 81,000;

First, thanks for your many helpful Q&A's. I am forever impressed by the PCA and its members. Proud to say "I are one". Second, I read in one of your answers in regards to the 964 C4 that not many people write in to say they love their car (usually their is a problem). Well...I LOVE MY C4! I am not the first owner, so the first owner had all the upgrades done to cure the C4 problems. I have driven it (Daily Driver and DE/Rally) for over 20k miles and nothing more than general maintenance has ever been wrong (hope I didnt just jinx myself) but I will say that brake pads are getting expensive.O.k...on with the question. I would like to put a momo steering wheel in the car and this would eliminate the airbag. All safety issues noted and aside; 1. would removal of the stock whell/airbag create a constant airbag light? 2. Can that light be disabled? 3. is the stock wheel/airbag still a "loaded gun" after it has been removed from the car and if so, is there a safe way to store the stock wheel/airbag?Thanks!!Region: SuncoastTotal Mileage: 81,000Car Use: Combination Street and Track

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