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1991 964 Carrera 2 Rear Shock Dust Boot Deteriorating

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 964 Carrera 2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 133,000;

Joel,Inspection of my original rear shocks shows that neither have leaks, they both bounce test properly, there is no evidence of poor handling, however, both dust boots are in a deteriorating condition and need replacement soon. I much prefer to replace the boots now rather than wait for the shocks to go bad in the future only because because road dirt got into the shock assembly because of a failed boot. I enjoy working on my car and would like to replace the boots myself if possible (i.e., if I have all of the tools and a correct sequence procedure). Towards that end I have read all of your emails under the suspension category using the keyword shocks looking for tips on how to proceed to remove/replace the rear shock/spring assembly and found helpful information. You have previously written that:- you never really needed a spring compressor (I can get) for this work, since on the one or two jobs you did, while you had a helper to hold it the spring, there was not much preload force on the shocks since almost all of the load is applied with weight on the wheels, - a good torque wrench will be needed (I have),- a copy of the factory workshop manual pages will be needed (I cannot get), - the installer needs to make certain that the thrust washer (I expect to find this with the original part) is correctly positioned at the top of the rear shock rod during reinstallation since it has to carry all of the weight,- a four wheel alignment will be needed at the end of the job because the front and rear toe will be wrong from having the suspension apart.Since I cannot get a copy of the factory workshop manual pages, I scoured my online sources looking for a rear shock change procedure and found that had a comprehensive procedure for a 993.Having said all that, here are my questions:- will a 993 rear shock/spring change procedure work on my 964?- does Porsche have a part number for the dust boot or am I left on my own?- is it absolutely necessary to take the spring/shock assembly off the car and disassemble the shock from the car just to install a replacement boot over the shock, or, is there an easier way to accomplish this task, like using a split boot or fashioning a split boot from a full boot to serve this purpose? Thank you again for any advice/experience you can offer on this matter,Tom

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