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1991 964 Carrera C2 Low Clutch Pedal

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 964 Carrera C2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 133,000;

My problem is that the clutch pedal now sits just slightly above the bottom of the floor (3" from the normal 'at-rest' top position) after I tried to bleed the clutch master cylinder using a 2 person procedure. Prior to that, there was no problem with the clutch pedal position ... it was always found at the normal top position and whenever it was depressed it always returned to its normal top position. Because of no prior problem, I believed that I introduced this problem myself since all i did was try to bleed the system, but probably introduced air and now had to get the air out by using a power bleeder. So I ordered a power bleeder and followed the vendor instructions while also referring to a clutch slave cylinder bleed procedure written by Ray Calvo (found on I have to note that the only problem I encountered with both procedures is that they do not mention to disconnect and securely plug the overflow line from the master cylinder reservoir to prevent an overflow discharge during the pressurizing procedure. There is a 3" long straight length of overflow hose directly in front of the reservoir. One end of that hose has no clamp and the line fitting tightly into it can be easily pulled out in a twisting motion. The hose can then be plugged with a 1/8" diameter rod wrapped with plastic wrap to form a tight temporary gasket. After doing that I no longer emptied out my reservoir through the overflow line.I power bled the clutch slave cylinder with the clutch pedal pulled up to the normal 'at-rest' top position (when it was pulled it up it stayed there). After finishing the bleed procedure, I checked the clutch pedal for action and was disappointed to find that the clutch pedal problem was not resolved. I depressed the clutch pedal (noting that it took hardly any pressure to depress it until it was almost at the bottom of the floor), released it and it came up only slightly from the bottom and stayed down there. I pulled it back up and repeated the process several times ... same result.I researched and read all of the clutch pedal postings but did not find anything close to my circumstances. So I suspect an operational maintenance error on my part rather than a part failure.From your experience, what possibilities exist that are causing this pedal to stay low after bleeding the slave cylinder?- There is still air in the system?- There is a different bleed procedure to follow after introducing air into the system?- The clutch pedal has to be operated during the power bleed procedure?- The clutch pedal has to be fully depressed during a power bleed procedure? - There is different procedure to follow to bleed the clutch master cylinder? - Slave cylinder decided to fail during the bleed procedure?- Master cylinder decided to fail during the bleed procedure?- Other? Thank you for any light you can shed on this area.

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