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1991 964 Carrera C2 Low Clutch Pedal - Problem Resolved

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 964 Carrera C2; Year: 1991; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 133,000;

Joel,This is a follow-up to my previous inquiry on a low clutch pedal following a bleed procedure to a clutch slave cylinder. I reviewed your response and decided to bleed the clutch slave cylinder again and use one of your suggestions: once the overflow line was plugged and the system was pressurized again, crack the clutch slave cylinder bleed valve just enough to get it to begin to bleed (but not excessively), and then, while it was bleeding, crawl out from under the car and get in the cockpit and start depressing the clutch pedal several times in order to exercise the clutch master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder while they were under pressure. Well, that did the trick.The clutch pedal came up to full top position all by itself after about 10 or 12 depressions while the clutch system bled ... I gave it several more to insure that all was well ... probably collected more than a pint in all ... and that was it ... I shut down the procedure according to the vendors instructions and then checked the clutch pedal again for proper clutch response. I found the pedal at the top ... I depressed it several times noting that I found significant depression pressure (normal) and released it ... and the pedal released normally to the top every time. Problem resolved.I concur with you that that there must have been air still in the system and that by bleeding it again and exercising the clutch pedal several times during the pressurized bleed caused whatever air there was in the system to be expunged from the trapped areas. I had previously bled all 4 wheels, so all is fine there. I too use a clear plastic line to watch the fluid color and a clear plastic container to watch the amount collected. I want to deeply thank you for the time that you take to staff this site with your knowledge and insight. You certainly have helped me. Your turn around time is off the charts. I was able to resolve this problem the same day I posted it.Tom

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