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1991 964 power seat malfunction


Vehicle Information: Model: C2/964 targa; Year: 1991; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 45400;

I'm having trouble with drivers side power operation. I purchased vehicle several months ago. One day I attempted to adjust seat back, but it initially appeared to be stuck, but after moving it forward then back, it seemed to be working fine. It happened again recently. this time I looked and inspected the tracks, and found 2 pennies, one of them the obvious cause of my problem. The second set of controls work fine, but the first control will only move seat forward, I don't here anything when I try to move it back. The up down arrows will cause manual gear box to jump, but will not move seat up or down. I inspected manual gear box and have found several teeth missing on the gears. I purchased a Porsche 964 technical manual, for some other repairs, but no assistance for this problem. If you could assist me in anyway, I would appreciate it.

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