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1992 964 C2 Fuel fumes inside of vehicle in the morning

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera C2; Year: 1992; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 87000;

In the morning when I get in my car, I get a smell of fuel after the car has been sitting overnight. I have taken it to the dealer and they can't find a thing. BUT, when I close either door, I hear a "clank" noise that the dealer said is a vent flap that is loose but shouldn't cause the problem. He has spoken with the Atlanta "experts" and they haven't found any recalls or articles on a similar problem or the flap. I'm desperate not because of a health concern but it is very embarrassing explaining to every person that gets in my car, especially my wife. It sure seems that the 2 things are tied together but since my dealer "knows all" I have to take his word on it. BTW, the smell isn't there after the inital "puff". But then again, maybe I should be concerned over a health issue since there still may be some "fumes" coming in but in lower quantities. The dealer has changed some hoses in and around the gas tank which seemed to help for a few weeks but it came back. It's not there everyday - just some which makes this even more difficult to identify.HELP!

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