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1992 964 Cabrio Automatic window and Anti Lock light


Vehicle Information: Year: 1992; Body Type: Cabriolet; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6L; Total Mileage: 77K;

My car was damaged left front bumper result from a lady driver made an unsafe turn right in front of me. Her insurance co. Is paying about $10k to replace new parts and repainting the left damage front end. The body shop has to remove the front bumper cover and everything under the bumper cover which including the left front shock absorber and put new one in. The car was supposed done and ready for me to pick it up today, but as minutes after i pick it up and just driving it out of the body shop, i noticed the "anti lock" light was on. Can you tell me what was wrong with the car thus why the anti lock light up? The body shop owner told me that he will have to reset somthing in the car because they have unpluged the battery when they was working on the body of the car. Is reseting the memory in the car will help solve the problem? Or perhaps they have hooking up some wires in the front end of the car incorrectly thus the "anti lock" light up like that? Also because they have to remove the left door handle, left side mirror, and left iner pannel to do some pain work on the left door(to blend in the color)and somehow the left window is making some funny sound at 2/3 of the way up when rolling the window up, but it does not making any clicking sound when rolling the window down from fully close to fully open. The body shop manager told me that the regulator in the left door panel just went bad thus why it making the funny sound. I told them that the car window was fine and it wasn't making any funny clicking sound the day that i leave the car at the body shop. What may that clicking sound be? Could it be the body shop worker unbolted or bolted something wrong to the left door panel? Also how easy for the body shop to replace left front bumper end cap 964 505 263 00 01c ? They said that they have to replace left front bumper impact absorber(928 505 015 22) and the left front bumper end cap(964 505 263 00 01c)? Also they said that they have put new original porsche bumper cover(964 505 113 00 g2x), are these parts number correct for my 1992 964 c2? I have returned the car back to the body shop 5 minutes just right after i pick the car up today, and the car is still in the shop right now. Can you please guide me to the correct steps to double check my car when the car is ready for me to pick up from the body shop next week. Thank you in advance. Ps. Left fender,complete left headlight, left foglight, and left blinker was as also replaced along with the front bumer.

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