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1992 964 Cabrio Dead Batteries

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Year: 1992; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 32000;

I couldn't seem to access the "submit your questions" spot on the website and I would appreciate it if you could pass this along to the advisor who may have some answers. I have a '92 Porsche 911 Cab. I purchased it two years ago with 25k miles on it. In September, I had the 30K service and the car hasn't been the same. I would like to focus on one specific problem that has arisen if I could as I'm sure you don't need to hear the gory details on the other. When I got this car it seemed to have a battery drain as it continue to go dead every 6 weeks. Replacing the battery that was in the car when I purchased it seemed to cure the problem. Following the aformentioned service, the battery went dead, again. I took it back to the dealer, and after 3 weeks, they claimed the drain was a defective alarm control module. They replaced the module and it cured the problem. That was at the end of October. I drove the car occasionally when whether permitted this winter and there was no problems with starting it. At least once a week I would try to run the car up the interstate and back, an 80 mile journey to open it up and get the juices flowing in the car. Last week, out of nowhere, the car went dead again. I gave it a 6 hour charge, drove it, and asked the dealer about it. He cloims I don't drive the car enough, recommended I charge it and drive it and it should cure the problem because i'm only driving it 3000 miles a year and it should have a trickle charge on it at all times. Well, Bruce, I don't buy in. The car was dead again this morning, 5 days past a full charge. Any suggestions? Thanks. Alan Smith

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