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1992 964 Engine stalled


Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 92; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 114K;

I have a stock 92 C2 with 115K miles. It has been dealer maintained until I bought it last year. Since then I have performed the required service at the specified intervals. (I am a fairly competent amateur mechanic) The car has been running flawlessly until now.I live just west of Los Angeles, and it was very rainy in Southern California last month. I drove the car once in the rain, and the rest of the time I kept it in my garage. For about a week. I took the car in for a smog check a week ago, it passed, and then drove to work. Air temp about 85 F and after about 35 miles of fast freeway driving and 4 miles of stop and go city street traffic the car stalled. I sat for about 30 minutes on the side of the road thinking the problem might be temperature or moisture related (although the car is very dry inside and out, it was warm, but it gets hot in Los Angeles) and tried several times to restart without success. It took 3 hours to get the car towed home, and after I rolled it off the flatbed it started, and ran for about a minute before dying again. The next morning I replaced the DME fuel pump relay with a new 993 part, and it ran for 10 minutes and then stopped.Next day it started and ran for as long as the ignition was on.This is not good!So heres my dilemma: I have reviewed the PCA, Pelican Parts, Performance Products and just about every other forum for possible answers. I have the two new Bentley books on the 964, and I am overwhelmed with options. 1. The check engine light is not on, does this mean there are no codes related to my problem? 2. I have replaced the DME/ fuel pump relay an it had no effect on the problem.3. I may have to drive the car until the problem occurs again but this is not a very reassuring option for obvious reasons.4. I might begin by replacing some of the most likely suspects: You mentioned in some previous replies the oxygen sensor (can this account for my problem?) Also the controllers for the coils (where are they located?) Are there other components that could be intermittent?. The list is obviously long and expensive, but so are shop labor costs.5. Any insight or advice will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long letter.

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