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1992 964 handling

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 92; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 140000;

Driving straight on flat level freeway at 70 to 80 mph when I apply small quick steering input left and right, my car feels like the rear end is "snaking" (That's the only way I can describe what feels like the rear of the car lagging slightly behind the front in response to small changes in direction). I don't know if you would call it over steer but it can amount to that because the car continues to turn a little beyond where you might otherwise want it to go on quick transitions.I put HD Bilstines on the front and rear last year and at the same time had the car lowered 1/2" using the spring collars. A locale shop TRE Motor sports set the ride height, and corner balance. The alignment was then set to stock C2/4 specs.I had everything rechecked today and this is what the shop came up withFRONT REAR Camber LF -0.6 LR -1.0RF -0.7 RR -1.0 CasterL 3.8 R 3.8 ToeL .35 LR .17 R .35 RR .32Note that the RR Toe is off .15 (probably not enough to make any difference?)I did not change the stock springs, and have made no other mods or additions to the suspension, checked tire inflation 36 front, and 44 in the rear.I had been running Yokohama AVS ES100 front 205/50/16 in the front and 225/50/16 in the rear however the last time the rears wore out before the fronts so I decided to change them over to Goodyear Eagle F1s. So now Ive got near new stock Yokos in the front (which I intend to change to Goodyear when they wear out) and new Goodyears in the rear. Maybe not cool? Also none of these tires are rated by Porsche.The people at TRE checked and reported that all the bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends etc were ok, and said that what Im experiencing was most likely due to the tread design of the Goodyears and I cant argue with them. However considering the long list I have just run off is there anything that jumps out at you besides the tires that could be the root of my concern. Finally I am assuming that the handling I described initially is unusual.I have noted also that you have recommended that lowered cars be set up according to the RS specs which with 0 front camber and -.67 rear camber and .33 rear toe rather than .50Would these changes help me?Sincerely John

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