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1992 964 Oil usage on hard runs


Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 1992; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 83000;

I have been enjoying my 964 for the past year and have been monitoring the oil usage very, very closely. Note: I have changed the oil 3 times (with synthetic) in the past year and have determined the usage to be less than 2 liters per 12,000 km. Yes I have put 12,000 km on it in the past year and only used less than 2 liters (1800 ml). Well, till the last couple runs. I was impressed with this usage. I also have the odd oil drop the size of a quarter every other couple runs below cylinder 4? (back right at chain tensioner seal). I measure the oil level the same every time: after 2 to 3 minutes of idle (70-90C/2nd mark) and on level ground in my garage. Therefore oil usage/loss was minimal. The 2nd last run was a hard +400 kM run after a good warm-up with maybe a couple or more + 6000 RPM shifts. Got home and notice she was down 200 ml. Last run I was chased by a darn Supra. Supra was to fast on the straights, although not so on the curves. This would have been the hardest I have driven the 964. This time after arriving home the oil was down 200 ml (in red) again from normal (= 3 Oclock). My question is this: Could it use the 200 ml or blow/leak it out in such hard runs. This last run I had a noticeable amount of oil around the same location : below cylinder 4? Right below plug. And back right at chain tensioner seal). Or is this a sign for a few gaskets, a valve adjustment, tune-up, etc. Or maybe something worse.

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