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1992 968 Hatch gas shock connectors


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1992; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 100,045;

I'm having a devil of a time finding the right part number to replace the two connectors (one left, one right) at the bottom of the hatch gas struts. When I purchased my car, the stock connectors had already been replaced with Radio-Shack-style generic spade connectors; presumably the original plastic osmetic shrouds did not survive ten years of intense UV.Nobody seems to know what part this is: dealers, 968-friends, and the internet forums all come up blank. Can you help? Some suggest that these clips and their housings are only available as part of the original wiring harness and cannot be ordered separately. We've searched the PET and tried ordering a couple of the likely-looking connectors but that was a shot in the dark that didn't work.

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