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1992 C2 Small Windshield chips

Body and Interior

Vehicle Information: Model: C2; Year: 1992; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 160K;

This isnt so much a question as an observation.My windshield sustained a small (1/4") linear crack about an inch above the bottom edge 2 weeks ago. Since the car is over ten years old and the windshield is salted with small pits I planned to install a new windshield when that crack ran (usually due to thermally induced stress) but to my surprise nothing happened. Then last week I took a bigger hit (about 3/4" in diameter), just below my eye line. I still wasn't quite ready to have the new windshield put in but was sure that this star shaped damage would spread very quickly. A friend suggested windshield repair, and I investigated the practice thoroughly before making the call. Much to my satisfaction the repairs are all but invisible, and I have been assured that this damage will not spread. Now this is the point, there are no State or Federal restrictions on windshield repair. If I had replaced the windshield when it was first damaged I would have had the second chip in a brand new windshield. Statistically windshield damage is the most common damage that can happen to your automobile. Therefore I am inclined to recommend such repairs when performed by trained technicians using ever minor damage is sustained, especially since I know that the factory installed the windshield correctly the first time, there is no guarantee that who ever does a replacement will do it as well.To sum up. I still intend to replace the windshield, but will not be so quick to do it under all circumstances in the future.

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