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1993 968 Intermittant groaning noise


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1993; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 165k;

My 968 has an issue for which a solution isn't immediately apparent--at least not to me. It has 165k miles during which the car has been well driven, including a few trips to the track. It also has been impeccably maintained, is in very good condition and runs like a Swiss watch. It still looks new from across the street and until my current problem I would have felt completely comfortable driving it across the country.Previously my 968 had an intermittent groan (?) somewhere in the front end. I call it a groan because it seems to be the best description. It isnt a rattle or a whine. Although it was infrequent, it was noticeable, and when it groaned I could feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel that seemed to match or be in sync with the groan. As I indicated, it was very infrequent and I didnt consider it a problem.My local Porsche specialty shop replaced the brake rotors and pads for me yesterday. It stops fine but now the groan, although not constant, is very frequent and noticeable enough to be a serious annoyance. Something isnt right.The groan only occurs when the car is rolling but it does not appear to be speed or RPM sensitive. It might groan while barely rolling at 2 MPH or rolling down the highway at 45 MPH. The groan is actually more noticeable at a very slow speed because thats the only time the car is quiet enough to really hear it well. It will groan with no perceptible change in pitch, intensity or loudness whether the engine is turning 1500 RPMs or 6500 RPMs, or Im driving 35 MPH or 75 MPH. Also, the vibration I feel in the steering wheel does not appear to be altered in any way by speed or RPM.Here comes the really weird part. Remember I said I just replaced the rotors and pads?When Im driving down the road and the groan starts, I can lightly depress the brake pedal and the groan and vibration immediately stop. Ahhhhhhh! I dont have to actually engage the brakes to make it stop. I can barely depress the pedal without the car seeming to brake but thats enough to stop the groan and the vibration with it. It doesn't have anything to do with lifting off the throttle, either, because I can keep the throttle, car speed and RPM constant and reach over with my left foot to touch the brake pedal to stop the groan.What the heck is it? HELP!

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