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1993 968 squeaky brakes


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1993; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 65500;

About 2 months ago my brake pad lite came on. I took it to the local dealership and was told I needed new brake pads & rotors. My friends couldn't believe that I needed all 4 of each replaced so I took it to a highly recommended local repair shop and they said the same thing. Because they were able to get the parts in overnite and the dealer was going to take almost a week I chose to go to the local shop. The evening after I had the brakes done, I was out driving and the brakes started squeeking. I took it back the next day, had dampeners put on it but the problem continued. I took it back again and was told that maybe the pads just needed to wear in and to give it a couple of hundred miles. It is now 600 miles later and my brakes sound like nails on a chalk board. Apparently my only options now are to live with it, or to try replacing the callipers since the problem may be that they are not holding the new pads securely enough (There was some corrosion on them due to the fact that prior to moving to nashville I had the car when I was living in baltimore from 1994-2000.) Do I just need to keep the radio really loud, spend $2500 on new calipers and hope that's the solution, or are there other things to be tried?

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