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1993 996 Steering wheel vibration

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 20,000;

Last year I hit a curb, the back tire first forcing the front of the car into the curb as well. I was traveling about 30 mph and scraped up both wheels on the passenger side. I took the car to the dealer the next day and had the front and rear suspension checked for any damage and to see if the wheels could be repaired. The suspension, both front and rear, checked out OK and the wheels could be fixed. I had the wheels fixed, repaired scrapes and repainted, and balanced, but found that the car had developed a vibration in the steering wheel between 48-52 mph. The situation occurs at no other speed. I have since had all four tires rebalanced twice more by the dealer, found to be ok, and this past winter by the garage that stores my car for the winter and all check out OK but the vibration still occurs, again only between 48 and 52 mph. Besides not going between 48-52 mph in the car is there somthing else I should be looking for?

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