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1993 C2 Oil line


Vehicle Information: Year: 1993; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 58000;

The braided oil line from the filter to the thermostat has developed a leak. I am assuming the leak is in this line, because it is saturated in engine oil after the engine hits operating temperature. I dont see the actual leak, but oil stains begin at the apex or high point of the braided hose and run down the hose toward the thermostat and drips off the drain plug. I have checked and retightened all of the other hoses. They seem to be in decent shape. Porsche wants $320.00 for this hose, can it be rebuilt? Have you seen one of these oil pressure lines leak at such an early stage? Where do I get a 36mm and 34 mm wrench to remove the line? PS I have checked engine oil level properly and while at operating temperature the gauge is in the middle as well as the dipstick. Car runs great and burns virtually no oil between changes of 2,000 miles. In short I dont think it is overfilled with oil.

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