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1993 C4 Rear Brake Pad Replacement


Vehicle Information: Year: 1993; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 56000;

I have replaced my front brakes myself without any issues, so today I decided to replace the rears. When I took the wheel off I noticed that the rear caliper was mounted using a Hex bolt, which I thought was kinda odd since the front caliper used a regular bolt for mounting. So, I got out the Hex sockets and then came across an issue that there is almost no clearance behind the bottom mounting bolt. Am I missing something or is it just very difficult to get these calipers off? Is there a tool that would save me from wimping out and taking it to a professional?Furthermore, why would they use a hex bolt instead of a regular bolt given the small clearance, at least I would be able to use a box wrench then.

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