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1993 versus 1996 911


Vehicle Information: Year: 1993-1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 88k/44k;

I'm still learning or at least trying.Are the subject cars too complicated?Can Import or Euro sport car repair shops do much work? What if any?I understand I will won't be able to do much work myself and that commercial Porsche mechanics can do upward to 90% leaving the dealer to do the rest. Bakersfield (Hot summer climate) has 2-Porsche mechanic shops (that I know of) and one dealer. I'm concerned that's not enough options.The '93 has 88.5 K miles for $25K.Solid lifters/rocker?LUK steel spring Dual Mass flywheel? Gearbox rattles?Dilavar studs?Does 88K miles spell excessive maintenance waiting to happen? The '96 has 44K miles for $38KAre the engine upgrades made in 94 a significant improvement to the '93 and are they carried thru to '96?Any "Early-Model-Problems" you car warn me on? Redesigned crank, connecting rods and pistons? Hydraulic valve clearance-adjusters? Bosch hot film air mass metering system? Exhaust system? Sounds more tame? Varioram intake system for '96? Is it over kill to anyone but racers? Seems like all Porsches are designed for 98 octane gas. 91 is highest we can get in California. Are additives necessary? Your thoughts and advice, Please. Gratefully yours

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