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1994 968 Drivertrain shudder


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1994; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 67451;

When launching from a standstill, the drivetrain will shudder violently until the clutch is completely let out and car is in motion. It does this only in first and reverse. To overcome this I have to rev the engine to a higher than normal launch rpm (2500 to 3000) while simultaneously letting the clutch out through the friction point longer than normal. This shuddering usually happens only under the following conditions: above 90 degrees, more than 30 minutes of driving, and seems to be exacerbated by stop-and-go traffic. Problem rarely happens in cooler weather with some exceptions while backing up after a long drive. The car is driven at least 80 miles once a week.

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