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1994 968 Sunroof deep dive


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1994; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 75K;

I''ve been reading through the posts on sunroof difficulties and am at the point where you might be able help me home in. My situation was that the left side of the sunroof was opening more than the right. An initial attempt to fix resulted in a stripped cog.Now to my problem...With the ignition in accessory (position 1) and finger on microswitch (adjacent to mirror) the lift arms go into the "disconnect from roof" mode. What I''m finding is that when I operate the console switch the cogs will turn as though to engage the sunroof (correct operation) and stop automatically. However when I try to fully retract the arms the cable / cogs keep turning to the point where the cable exits the mechanism on the right (passenger) side. There seems to be a failed automatic stop for the fully retract position.I then pulled back the rear left carpet to expose the motor - and unbolted the mechanism as you have advised. Now I can see what''s going on. The cable is coiling up inside the quarter panel in the fuly retract mode. Not sure why that''s happening. Nothing obviously broken. There''s a white plastic mechanism on the rear side of the motor mount that appears to want to turn anti-clockwise - and it looks like it is over extending and allowing the cable to coil up. Obviously a limit switch is not working - but can''t exactly see what.Hoping you can help with some additional pointers or possible culprits...

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