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1994 968 Sunroof Problems Continued


Vehicle Information: Model(924/944/968): 968; Year: 1994; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 103K;

I finally had a sunny enough day here in the Pacific Northwest, so I tried to fix my sunroof. I followed your advice and stripped my new set of gears. I'm not implying blame; rather my problem may be more complicated than it appears.Per your instructions, I reset the drive cable to its fully retracted position using position 1 on the ignition switch and the microswitch. (At least I think I did, 'cause I heard the motor turn briefly).When I tested the installation using position 1, to test locking/unlocking, nothing happened. Then I tried position 2. Big mistake. Even WITHOUT the microswitch being engaged, the mechanism tried to retract, thus stripping the gears (since the lifting arms were in the retracted position).My car behaves thusly: Ignition switch position 1; nothing happens, regardless of microswitch actuation. Position 2; arms will not open (ie advance) without the microswitch, but they will happily close/retract with or without the microswitch being engaged. In fact, the motor will pull the wire-wrapped cable all the way out of the housing, if you let it. Luckily I stopped before this happened. One other thing: after I'd stripped the new gears, and the arms were still retracted, I started the car and reversed it in my driveway to see if it would try to lock the sunroof. I heard the motor turn briefly, so I assume it did. Can you help me with this problem? (I've bought another set of gears). P.S. By the way, the new PCA website has a new tech section. If you couldgo there and simply repost your question, I'll answer it and the rest of thePorsche Club members can reference it as well. The web address is Original Message -----From: "Michael Goetz">To:>Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 3:10 PMSubject: Porsche Technical QuestionThe sunroof on my '94 968 stopped working so I took everything apartuntil I found the little nylon gears which move the struts werestripped. I purchased new ones (the first pleasant Porsche partsexperience I've ever had, from a cost perspective) and replaced them.Unfortuately I think I've messed up the activation indexing, ie theposition of the motor-driven wire-wrapped cable which moves and turnsthe gears. How do I set it up its position in its channel with respectto the swinging tension arm assembly on the motor mounting plate?Thanks for your time and expertise.

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