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1995 968 Airbag issue Unique and different from others listed

  • 1995
  • 968
125 000

I have a unique issue with the airbags in a 1995 Porsche 968 and this is different than all others I've seen here and on Rennlist or Pelican parts or via internet search or Porsche manuals or the Porsche dealer, so hoping for any advice.  The problem started similar to what seems common ... The big ! Light and Airbag light on, but intermittently so.  Sometimes they would be on at start, and sometimes not.  At start, the lights would stay on anywhere from 5 seconds to 15 seconds to a few minutes to not going out at all.  Sometimes while driving, they would go OFF (not illuminated) by themselves and then sometimes while driving, they would go ON (illuminated) by themselves.  Bumpy road, smooth road, fast, slow, etc..,  does not matter.  At no time was or is there a seat belt light.  At first, either the Bosch "Hammer" or Durametrics software would detect the Airbag.  I did use the Durametrics to turn off the faults for the first few times, but the problems would return and I wanted to get more detail on what the problem was, so I was able to use the Bosch tester. Unfortunately, when the Bosch was connected, it said no faults and indeed, the lights were off at that time.  However, now the lights stay on all the time and when I connect either the Durametrics or the Bosch tester, they can no longer detect an Airbag system at all!  No parts have been removed, adjusted, changed or tampered with in any way.  To test and see if the test equipment were possibly bad, I connected them to a 1994 968 with no issues at all.   I have attempted to disconnect the battery for several hours to see if that might help, but to no avail.  There is no discussion of this failure mode in any Porsche service manual, there seems to be no mention of similar issues on any site I've searched, the Porsche dealer does not have any idea why this could happen and a respected independent shop has never seen this failure mode either.  At this point, I am hoping someone could offer thoughts on what to try next besides saying this is a complicated system and the Pirsche dealer is the only recourse (which I've already tried anyway).  I appreciate any help.  Thanks.



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