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1995 993 A/C compressor life

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 103000;

Joel,Background: I've left Houston and now am again depending upon my 993 as daily transport. For three years there, the car saw DE and weekend trip pleasure use, not daily use. Before the move last summer, the car was "thoroughly serviced" by a recommended shop in Houston, including new belts. Since then, the car probably has 5000 miles on it, most of which were long-distance summer miles during the move. Situation: On a recent cool rainy day, I'm heading home from work and turn on the defroster (on the A/C control head). A few moments later there is a "roar" from the back of the car, and the smell of burned rubber. All gauges are OK, so my reflex is that the A/C belt is burning, so I shut off the defrost, and all resolves. Turn on the A/C, situation repeats. Turn it off, situation resolves. It seems obvious the compressor has seized and now will need to be replaced.Questions:1. Any other possible diagnosis?2. Is this a typical lifespan (April 1994 build date, mostly daily driver use, no salt/snow exposure, normal recommended servicing) for this unit?3. If not, if the belts weren't properly tensioned, could that have contributed? (I found the little belt idler was corroded but not replaced, which wore into that belt - which makes me question the work that was done last Spring). Thanks for your opinion and advice,Phil

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