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1995 993 A/C compressor life v2

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 103000;

Joel,Last summer I moved to CT after several years in Houston. While in TX, the car was used for DE and occassional weekend trips. Prior to leaving, I had the car serviced in a recommended local shop, including new belts, distributor rebuild, etc...(I usually do my own servicing but wanted the dizzy rebuilt as well as another pair of eyes to look it over prior to driving it up here). Now in CT, the car has returned to daily driver use (NEVER in salt/snow/ice, though). Returning home from work on a cool damp day early this week, I had the defroster turned on. Suddenly there was a new loud and foul noise from the rear, smoke in the cabin; no warning lights and the smoke smelled like burning rubber, so I reflexly turned off the defroster, assuming that the compressor belt was frying. That stopped the noise and the smoke immediately. When I got home, I turned on the A/C and a few moments later, same thing happened, with the same resolution when i turned off the A/C. I've driven the car for the past two days now without activating the A/C compressor and it runs as normal as ever, confirming my initial suspicion that the problem lies with the A/C system. So now I have three questions:1. Is there any other possibility other than a seized compressor? 2. Is 103,000 miles / 14 years (it's an April 1994 built car) a typical lifespan for this part?3. Is belt tension critical to the compressor's lifespan? Yes, i start the car once monthly and run the A/C in the winter to keep the seals up to snuff. And, I ask this because I have observed a few other odds and ends that make me question the quality of the work done in Houston. Not that I have any recourse now, but for my own knowledge I like to know why parts fail.

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