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1995 993 C2 Strange electrical problem

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 993 C2; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 80125;

Joel, I'm a first time poster so forgive me if I might of missed this in a previous discussion. (I did look :) History: 1995 993 C2 w/80,000 miles. Purchased in Oct 2006. PPI performed by local dealer (Sunset Imports). Perfect car with the exception of a bad alternator. Said alternator was replaced at time of PPI. Now for the jucy part:I've put approximatly 1200 trouble free miles on the car since I purchased it. Tonight I take it for a little drive and here's what I noticed. I turned on the brights and the radio(aftermarket Pioneer DEH-1400) made an audable pop and shut off, then turned back on. I think the dash lights also dimmed but am unsure. The radio presets were erased. Subsequent "brighting" made the radio pop, but to a lesser degree up to the point where there was no additional popping. The car had been driven earlier today with no lights or radio turned on without incident. Also noticed low beams might have flickered once or twice during my rather spirited 20 minute drive. No other problems noted except maybe a slightly slow engine crank on start up- maybe. When I shut the car off, I could hear a ticking sound comming from somewhere in the cabin. Being rather new to the car, I brushed it off to the clock. (key was half way out of the ignition)Thirty minutes later, I go back to the car and noticed the dome lights would not illuminate. The car is dead. Very dim lights on panel. I hear the ticking sound and now notice it "ticking" at about .5 sec/tick. Furthermore, I locate the source comming from underneath the passenger (right) seat. I put a volt meter on the battery and it reads about 11.7 volts. Still no dome lights or ability to crank engine. I try to electrically move the passenger seat aft to see what I can see and immediatly see the dome lights turn on bright. Car fires right up. Can not duplicate. What the heck is going on? What is located underneath the right seat? I suspect I'm dealing with a loose connection/short to some black box located underneath the seat or possibly a bad battery. The age of the battery is unknown as the sticker has not been punched. No warning lights, the headlights don't surge with RPM- no other abnormalities noted. I've disconnected the ground on the battery until I get some more info. Battery no registers 11.97 volts with ground disconnected.) Any help will be greatly appreciated.sincerely, Paul

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