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1995 993 Cabrio oil blower fan


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 70000;

My oil cooler blower fan seems to not come on so I went to check it out. First chect the 30 A fuse, (No fuse in slot #2)?Don't know why but I put one in.Second pull the relay and did the jump test, High works, but not the low.From what I read this should indicate that the 2speed ballast resister part #993616521 is the problem?What do you think.How long does this job take to fix, and if I do it, do I have to remove the head light just to reach the cooler mounting bolts and also remove the tire and the mud guard?Is it also the same for the A/C condenser Ballast resister? I read it's the same on that side.The thermostat seem to be working fine, It comes on at the first big line 194 degrees, then the valve opens and the temp. drops right down below the line appox.183Also does the A/C condenser fan have two speeds, and is it the same to replace because I didn't do the jump test yet, but I hear it coming on and off at idle.I don't know yet if it's the low speed or high, but the compresser turns off and on at idle,or is it something to do with a high pressure valve I had read about , the car get real cold.Thank you for all your help.

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