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1995 993 Cabriolet conversion of standard gauge set to OBC option

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Vehicle Information: Model: 993 ; Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 47987;

I purchased from a PCA'er a set of the Aluminum gauges which were an option for the car. These are new and never installed. The set is for a Tiptronic, which had the OBC option, (LED read out) in the Tachometer face. My vehicle came with the standard gauge set (no OBC option). In trying to install one change needs to be made which is outlined well in a DYI instruction on the P-Car site.You need to swap the plug from the wiring harness which goes into the tach to get its usual functions and those of the OBC. A bit of additional wiring is then required for outside Temp and other OBC readout functions which are done at the DME box. That plug is a 26 pin female connector, the standard Tach plug a 7 pin affair. Porsche will not sell the plug as a seperate part, post the wiring harness problems with the early 993's (mine had the recall work done). The only way to secure this plug it is to buy the wiring harness according to Porsche - a $6400 item.No luck at salvage yards, they know the value of a used harness and don't want to cut out the plug. Even had a friend in Germany contact VDO who advised they have the plug but if they sold it seperately, they could compromise their licensing with Porsche. Even asked the local Porsche dealer if they do a recall and retro fit of a 993 harness to cut the plug needed if the vehicle had the OBC option - no luck to date- most of the recalls have been done.Have looked via my German friend for an adaptable plug in the auto and electronic stores over there - no luck being a quite an unusual set up -square posts on the male side in the TACH.So I'm pretty well out of options. A few final thoughts before I throw in the towel. Can the tach itself be fitted with a differenct recepticle set up which would have an available female side which I am searching for? Any other possible solutions you might have I haven't thought of would be of help also.My discussions with Porsche NA and Stuttgard have not been pleasant over this issue. Their only solution for a needed $20 part is to buy a new harness at $6400. NOT!Enclosed is the OBC optioned tach picture of the recepticle side of the plug (26) pins So the stage I'm at is a perfectly usable set of Aluminum Gauges with a major installation problem.Appreciate any thoughts on solution you might have.

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