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1995 993 convertible top/ABS light

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 61k;

If I hit a highway bump my ABS lights come on. Also now the top will not operate. Before I picked it up from New Orleans Thursday the light had not come on, the top opened. I hit a bump on the interstate on the way back to Iowa and the light came on again and now the top won't open, (no signal or sound to the top lever that is located on the console). The problem with the ABS happened after I picked up the car from the dealer at Dallas location last spring, I was already on the interstate and so turning around was not an option. The light went out after I restarted the car no problem. Tried to open the top this morning and nothing. Drove to the Porsche dealer in Davenport Iowa this morning and ordered a new switch and relay... on the way home I hit a bump, ABS light came on again. I am wondering if there is a common connector or a common ground that may be loose. The car was not damaged in the Hurricane, it has always been garaged and it has 61k on it and the 60k service had just been accomplished. I can't afford another exploration by an authorized dealer, I have to have some knowledge walking in the door. I just had the dealer in New Orleans try to charge me $800 for a new control box under the dash (central informer box)...I said no thanks and had my friend pick it up and looked it over.. one of the lines into the box was disconnected.. he plugged it back problem (he was the quality control man for the Porsche deal in N.O. before Katrina and opted not to go back..I read the comments about the ABS lights after a rain...not my problem.. what else?Thanks for your help. I am currently living in a hotel in Iowa and supporting employees from two businesses and this car is my primary transportation because I had to give up my work vehicle to an employee to get to work. I can't afford to let some guy play around with this for a week and then try to sell me a new wiring harness. Thanks for any help that you can give me.Tom

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