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1995 993 Dead Battery, or something else?

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 63000;

I drive my 993 Monday-Friday to work. Didn't drive it on Saturday. Went to start it on Sunday and it barely turned over - felt like a very weak battery. Late last week (Thurs-Fri?) the battery was starting to feel sluggish. So, I took my kids to the playground. When we got ready to come home a couple of hours later, there was nothing left in the battery. It wouldn't crank at all. My wife came to jump me and the car didn't even want to start with a jump. After some cable fiddling and my wife revving her car, the 993 did finally turn over. But while putting away the jumper cables, it died again. We jumped it again - and again it didn't want to jump. Then while driving home, I put the clutch in at a light and it died. So, we jumped it again and this time I tried to drive home while keeping the revs up and left footing the brake. And even while revving the engine, it died. So, I coasted the rest of the way home.Got a new battery (Die Hard International) this morning and it came right to life. But now I notice that my battery light is on. I would swear that it was not on last week or on Sunday.So, did the new battery fix my problem? Or is something else wrong (alternator?)? Why is the battery light on now and not last week as the battery was dying?

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