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1995 993 dual distributor on a 993


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995 (built April 1994); Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 44,000;

I contacted a local independent Porsche repair shop and asked for a qoute to replace the belt in a 993 distributor. They gave me two quotes: one was for replacing the belt and another was for installing an upgraded distributor. According to the person I was talking to, the upgrade occured during the production run of the 993 and the replacement belt only fits the upgraded distributor. I was told to determine if my car has the upgraded distributor the part number needs to be checked and because of the location of the number the distributor needs to be removed. Looking through previous discussions on these distributors I get impression the upgrade was for the 964's and the 993's have the upgraded distributor. I'm now concerned about the shop's knowlegde of 993's and would like to know if what I was told is correct? Thanks.

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