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1995 993 Installation of spark plug


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 91000;

I know you're going to think I screwed this up but, here goes. I removed and re-installed 11 plugs (quite fun). I notice when I removed the lower, most forward, driver-side plug that it was very tight. I had to ratchet it all the way out. It also didn't appear to be centered in the hole, but because of it's position, it is hard to be sure. I looked at the threads of the plug that came out and they appeared to be crossed threaded. I put a new plug in and tighten it appropriately. When I put the plug wire assembly on it, the "cap" did not go down flush with the valve cover (like all the others). I removed it and the threads looked good. I used a thread chaser to clean the threads but it would come up tight after 6 turns. I compared it to the other plug and I could easily go 10 turns with no resistance. I can't quite see up there because of the angle, so I am planning to remove the valve cover and take a look. The car ran fine before (I believe it was not all the way in before I took it out) and I'm thinking it will still run fine without the plug being all the way in. But that's not please!!

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