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1995 993 Manuals/Repair Info.


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 95; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 59k;

I hate to beat you to death with my repair manual questions for the 993, but I am seeing all kinds of CDs, revisions to the manuals, and other info. Should I just buy everything that has 993 on it that I see on Ebay, or is the majority of this stuff not of much use? i see Perf. Products has a CD, Vol. II Porsche Tech. Bulletin 95-01 and I just bought the L and M updates that i mentioned in the last note to you. Also, I see another update to the 93 manuals now offered on Ebay. Bottomline: what should I add to my 8 vol. set and what is a waste of $$? Oh yes will the Porsche CDs run on a Mac?You mention that there is a lot that can be removed to help the 993 cool better. My motor shield has been off since new. Are the other items that can be removed without removing the engine? If the engine is out, what do I remove to make sure it runs as cool as possible?Update: I just repaired the odometer that broke last year. ~6mm 15 tooth gear. got the gear from this great guy in Va. $25. He knew just what I needed. Says he sells more of these gears to the Volvo folks.Once again...thanks!

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